Natalie has been working holistically with the human body for over a decade and in that time has done further research into the effects that breathing patterns and posture have on overall health. 

She completed her Masters in Osteopathic Medicine in 2015 and has since been deepening her knowledge and skills with paediatric care, cranio-dental and breathing mechanics as well as women’s health. 

Her philosophy of addressing the primary cause of problems aligns well with the team at James St dentists and compliments their approach with gentle and effective manual treatment to help relieve TMD symptoms, head and neck pain and anxiety.

Furthermore Natalie enjoys working with children of all ages, from newborn right up to adolescence and has a particular interest supporting new families to help with biomechanical issues that may be impacting optimum latch and feeding. 

Her treatment approach is gentle and effective utilising both direct and indirect techniques, cranial osteopathy, breath education and re-training, also incorporating safe exercises and movement for at home management.

Natalie has spent the previous 2 years as a member of Osteopathy Australia’s Womens Health Clinical Practice group and dedicates much of her time to continued professional development, always deepening her knowledge and skills, staying open and curious about how she can best support her patients.